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Résumé and Work History

Jeff McCord
3703 SW Holden Street
Seattle, WA  98126

Phone: 206-933-9699
E-mail: info@freelancelot.com


To continue to work on a variety of media projects, including game concepting and design. To parlay my experience as an electronic pre-press artist doing web and print design and visual communications, working on projects within team environments.


1. Game design: design of traditional board and card game-play and graphics; 2. Electronic pre-press: high-end electronic layout, type specification, web design, and production; 3. Consulting and teaching in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and other programs; 4. Computer illustration using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other illustration programs; and 5. Web-based electronic layout and GUI design using Adobe GoLive and other programs.


1989. Graduated from The Evergreen State College with a BA in “Media Arts.”

1985-1987. Attended New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, in the Film & Television program.

Work Experience

2004-2005. Game Designer and Graphic Artist for Front Porch Classics, a company which specializes in award-winning “Coffee Table Games” in the tradition of vintage 19th and 20th century board games. Projects included packaging, card and board design, game play concepting, and corporate collateral. I designed and produced or co-designed: the 2005 Catalog, and the FPC business cards and papers, POP signage and marketing pieces, product packaging. I game-designed the soon-to-be released "Party Mixers” game tins series.

1988-Present. High-end electronic pre-press and layout production with my sole proprietorship, Freelancelot. I have provided services to graphic design firms, corporate direct, and government agencies in helping them to successfully produce communications and advertising materials. Types of projects have included advertising pieces, brochures, packaging, large format (tradeshow graphics), and Web-based production and layout. I have also been a speaker at graphic arts related conventions and seminars, and a contributor to magazine articles and technical books in the field. Always a pioneer when it comes to graphic arts technologies!

1992-Present. Teaching as part-time faculty for the Art Institute of Seattle, the School of Visual Concepts, and the Advertising Art program at Seattle Central Community College. Class titles have included “Electronic Print Production,” “Computer Graphics,” “Introduction to Photoshop,” “Advanced Photoshop,” “Production Art” (using Photoshop & QuarkXPress) and “Typography with QuarkXPress.” I have also been a well-respected private instructor for some of Seattle’s leading graphic arts professionals.

1988-1989. Designer/Art Director at Egghead Software; also responsible for setting up their electronic publishing system.

Additional Skills

Architectural Restoration. I have also followed my interest in architecture in restoring our own homes, as well as having founded two project-based development companies — House to Home and The Neighborhood Company — to achieve creative restoration and development projects. I am also a Board Member of the Southwest Design Review Board for the City of Seattle.

Filmmaking. I have had an ongoing interest in the art of filmmaking, including having made a short film which was shown at the Seattle International Film Festival in 1990, and having a love of the film producing process and of cinema history.

Game Design. I was an early leader in the realm of computer game design, having invented and published a popular title called “Sword of Fargoal” for Epyx in 1983. The game has enjoyed a resurgence and has spawned many web links, a ‘fan site,’ and a recent ‘remake’ of the game. I also have a large collection of vintage/traditional board games which have helped influence my game design and concepting abilities.

Personal Data

Born March, 3, 1963 in New Haven, CT to an artist mother and computer-science professor father. Raised in Lexington, KY.