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Mouse that Roared
overview Jeff McCord has also founded two Corporations, The Neighborhood Company, and House to Home, each with the goal to restore and develop historic-quality homes in the Seattle area.

House to Home was founded in February of 2001 and helped to save a 1923 West Seattle Craftsman style house and a 1904 Ballard Victorian farmhouse from being demolished due to development. Now, House to Home offers consulting services for others interested in determining if a house can be restored, moved, or materials-salvaged.

Jeff also offers historic preservation research and documentation services. And House to Home now functions in a consulting capacity, offering advice and project management related to history preservation efforts and, when appropriate, moved-house project management.

The Neighborhood Company was founded in January of 2002, and has an active project called Anderson Gardens. The project website, designed by Freelancelot, tells about the project, the company history, and the houses which are currently being developed and are availble for presale.

Jeff also has the great honor of being a Board Member for the Southwest Design Review Board, a volunteer board established by the City of Seattle Department of Planning & Development. The purpose of the DRB is to review projects over a certain threshold which will impact the public, and offer review and guidance toward thoughtful and community-minded design. Jeff’s specific board (Southwest) primarily serves the West Seattle community.

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